BlackBerry Storm 2: Behind The Amazing Screen

by verizon voyager on August 25th, 2009

The BlackBerry Storm turned out to be more of a novelty than a revolutionary game changer of epic proportions. Perhaps hype got the best of the first ever touch screen BlackBerry phone, but RIM isn’t giving up – the BlackBerry Storm 2 continues its legacy of awesomely new touchscreen tech.

The video of the Storm 2 that has been floating around the interwebz has raised many questions. Before we raise them, lets see that video:

The folks at CrackBerry did some incredibly deep background research to figure out how the Storm 2 could have a “clicky” screen when turned on but a hard glass screen when powered down. Turns out the Storm 2 likely uses Piezo Electronics and a touchscreen patent by Immersion that would make it possible.

How the whole concept works is still a mystery and a picture of the Storm 2 innards raises even more questions:


See those 4 circular things in the corners? Those are likely touchscreen sensitivity points that would allow several points of “clicky” including multi-touch. The difference between being powered on and off is anybodies guess.

More questions than answers… but these are some fun questions. I can’t wait to hear how RIM position the brand new clicky awesomeness of the BlackBerry Storm 2. Let’s just hope it fairs better than the Storm 1 after it flies off the shelves.

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