Verizon Hub App Store Coming This Year!

by verizon voyager on April 20th, 2009

The Verizon Hub is the New Age deskphone, a product filling a gaping hole in the home market that could, if further developed, revolutionize the way we communicate inside our homes. While the Verizon Hub currently has widgets and access to great information such as weather and traffic, an important development is in the works that will allow the Hub concept to reach a new level altogether – third party applications!


In a Reuters article, Verizon Wireless executives not only disclosed that an “applications market” would be coming to the Verizon Hub but also mentioed the company is hoping to open the device for use on other carriers and service providers as well:

“We’re in the process of getting rid of that restriction,” said John Gravel, a Verizon product manager on Wednesday. “Why would you limit anyone from using this?”

This could spell big money for Verizon Wireless and rightfully so, the Hub fills a need that hasn’t been addressed since most companies are going after the mobile dollar and leaving the home phone service, at least hardware wise, as an aging thing of the past. Not so anymore, it seems.

According to Gravel, the Verizon Hub Applications Store is planned for launch later this year! When that happens, there will certainly be a renewed interest in this product/service… I’m not sure if it has really caught on yet or if folks out there know it exists. But hopefully it DOES catch on. For companies like Verizon to continue pursuing new in-home innovation like this, consumers need to make it worth their while. If the Verizon Hub comes and goes with little interest, what motivation will they have to speed the process of development?

One huge obstacle is the tough economic times we face. With many customers opting to forego a home phone altogether, Verizon Wireless faces the task of not only convincing them they SHOULD have a home phone but they should have one that is more expensive than your run-of-the-mill desk phone. However, that is the entire selling point… this ISN’T just a home phone but an information, communication and entertainment hub.

I’m all for the Verizon Hub concept and will certainly recommend it. I would love to get one myself but for now, I’ll wait until we learn more about this application market… that will be my tipping point.

[Via Reuters]


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  2. 2. Steve Liescheidt wrote on June 14, 2009

    How does someone get an APP on the Verizon system.
    I want to post an APP……….it is a business/self-help/spiritual based APP that would be for pay.

    I have the base content under development.

    Would like to know cost and how the process works to get an APP on the verizon system.
    Cell Phone: 314-706-2615 (Verizon customer)

    Steve Liescheidt

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