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Verizon announces the Samsung Rogue

by Shawn Brown on September 16th, 2009

This week Verizon announced their newest touchscreen handset the Samsung Rogue. The Rogue features a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard which with threaded text messaging makes this device perfect for messaging on the go. This handset has one-touch access to many of the most popular social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and even Photobucket […]

Forced Service Change: Enhanced Multimedia Phone

by verizon voyager on August 31st, 2009

We’ve got phones, cell phones, mobile phones, smartphones, feature phones, smartbooks, netbooks and the list goes on and on. The latest item on that list is “Enhanced Multimedia Phone” which will see its first member on September 8th – the Samsung Rogue. Unfortunately this phones usher in a new era of forced service change described […]

Samsung Rogue, Intensity Equipment Guide Leaks

by verizon voyager on August 27th, 2009

Nevermind that “property of Verizon” text stamped overtop these images. It’s all free game once they’ve hit the tech blog scene and the Samsung Rogue Equipment Guide and Samsung Intentsity Equipment Guide have opened up to share their secrets: The funny thing is that the information about the Samsung Intensity found its way to the […]

Samsung Rogue, Samsung Intensity Come September 8th!

by verizon voyager on August 26th, 2009

If you’re waiting for either the Samsung Rogue or Samsung Intensity you’ve got less than two weeks to wait. Rumor has it that both devices will be launching on September 8th! So, what will you get with each device? Glad you asked: Samsung Rogue: Touchscreen display Slider with full-QWERTY 3MP camera GPS EV-DO Samsung Intensity: […]

Samsung Omnia 2 Officially Inching Closer

by verizon voyager on August 25th, 2009

We haven’t heard much of anything about the Samsung Omnia 2 concerning an Official Release Date, but a sighting on Samsung’s website indicates the Omnia 2 isn’t far from launch. You can sign up for updates and as you can see/read, the Omnia 2 is a Verizon Wireless exclusive! As I was writing this article […]

Samsung Intensity Launch Imminent?

by verizon voyager on August 22nd, 2009

You probably didn’t know the Samsung Intensity was about to launch on Verizon Wireless and that’s because you probably didn’t know the Samsung Intensity existed. It does and its coming soon to a Verizon store near you! Is that beautiful or what? Or what! You’ll agree once I tell you that this thing has a […]

Samsung Omnia 2, Samsung Intensity and LG Chocolate Touch Coming August 23rd!

by verizon voyager on August 11th, 2009

If the rumors from BGR and their Best Buy ninja are true, the super sexy Samsung Omnia 2 will be launching on August 23rd! Along with the Omnia 2 will come the Samsung Intensity u450 and LG Chocolate Touch, but I think it is safe to say that the Omnia 2 will get the most […]

Verizon slashes prices on most smartphones to just $99

by Shawn Brown on August 3rd, 2009

Verizon Wireless recognizes the squeeze being put on them by AT&T and the iPhone with the new pricing starting at just $99. This is why they have decided to slash the prices on all but two of their available smartphones to just $99 with a two year agreement. Which two smartphones do you still have […]

Samsung Rogue Comes August 15th!

by verizon voyager on August 2nd, 2009

If you haven’t heard of the Samsung Rogue and you’re a feature phone kind of person, you’ll want to pay attention. With a QWERTY-licious slide-out that looks extremely nice to type on, 3MP auto-focus camera and beautiful AMOLED display, the Samsung Rogue is a feature phone worth considering. This could launch on August 15th, says […]

Rumored Phone Floodgates Open: Chocolate Touch and More

by verizon voyager on July 20th, 2009

Rumor. Rumor. Rumor…. That is what this is. But rumors are sometimes true (and always fun) and when they include a laundry list of new phones our attention becomes undivided. The following mid-range phones have been tipped off as “coming soon” from a PhoneArena tipster who they mention has previously been right about such rumors […]